(General or Academic)

Let us help you prepare for the IELTS. The International English Language and Testing Service is one of the world’s leading internationally recognized qualifications for university entrance, secondary education, training programmes or immigration. Developed under the strict standards of the British Council, IDP Education, and Cambridge Assessment English, IELTS has become the world’s most popular certificate of language proficiency and is accepted by over 10000 organisations.
At Business English Training and Translation, our team of accredited IELTS trainers work closely with you to ensure you achieve the best grade possible. We keep your learning groups small so we can concentrate on your individual strengths and needs.
Our many years of experience of training IELTS candidates help you go the extra mile.

Course options

Each of our courses trains all four of the key exam skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening) using the latest materials, mock exams and audio materials.

5-day Intensive

(min. 3 participants)

As well as giving you a detailed structure and overview of the exam, we drill down into the target band scores and show you exactly what the examiner is looking for. At the end of the course, all participants sit mock papers, so you have a realistic idea of what you will achieve on the day.

Suitable for General and Academic.

€ 375

10-day intensive

(min. 3 participants)

Our intensive course drills down into all four key exam skills, particularly writing section one and two as we find this is the paper that students have the most difficulties with. Again we keep participation numbers low, so we have time to customise and focus in on the individual needs of the student. Mock exams are sat at the end of week one and two as progress markers.

Suitable for General and Academic.

€ 725

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