Since the official start of diplomatic relations between Germany and the Philippines in 1954, the partnership between the two countries has continuously strengthened. There is an increasing collaboration between German companies and Filipino firms, as well as a growing number of highly qualified immigrants from sectors such as healthcare and IT. Concurrently, the community of people in Germany with personal connections to Filipinos and Filipino culture is expanding.

In response to these developments, we offer year-round online courses in Filipino (Tagalog). Additionally, in partnership with the LSI (Landesspracheninstitut an der Ruhr-Universität Bochum), we conduct intensive two-week Tagalog courses that are accessible both on-site and online. Our courses are led by an experienced trainer who heads the Filipino language program of the Austronesian department at the University of Hamburg. They are specifically designed for German speakers and take into account the specific challenges that learning Filipino (Tagalog) presents to native German speakers.

Furthermore, we provide workshops on intercultural competence that deepen understanding of Filipino culture and enhance communication skills between Germans and Filipinos.

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