At Lingolese, we firmly believe in giving you the qualified and experienced trainers you need. But this doesn’t just begin and end with the necessary and expected qualifications and expertise.
As trainers who came later into this profession, we noticed that it was our rich and varied tapestry of experiences that made your training sessions different. We’re not just Language and Communication Trainers – we’re qualified trainers who believe in your continuing professional development and have worked previously in other industries where we gained invaluable experience in management and administration, in teamwork, in presenting ideas and concepts clearly, and in getting our messages across effectively. We can thus better understand the challenges you face day-to-day and are better able to help you with the language you need to navigate them.

Vincent Wongaiham-Petersen

Founder and Head Trainer

After graduating with honours from the Bachelor in Communications programme of one of the most prestigious universities in the Philippines (Ateneo de Manila) and moving on to an international management trainee program at Lufthansa, Vincent went on to do his Masters in Economics in the University of Hamburg. He is fluent in three languages – English, German, Tagalog – and can also get by in Mandarin, Spanish and Fujian. This is probably to be expected considering he is a product of four different cultures and is also our resident certified intercultural trainer.

He has been in the world of corporate business training since 2009 and is also a lecturer in several universities. He is a member of SIETAR UK (Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research) and has been an active member of HELTA (Hamburg English Language Teaching Association) since 2011 and is currently its vice-chair and events coordinator.

He loves his killer sudoku, is an avid film fan and needs a good dose of coffee every day.