Intercultural Competencies

In an increasingly interconnected world, intercultural competencies are no longer just an additional qualification but are essential for how we lead, work, and cooperate. Our workshops for four to eight participants can help you and your team avoid cultural pitfalls by providing deeper insights into the dimensions that define different cultures and equipping you with the tools needed to prevent misunderstandings and foster cultural sensitivity. All workshops listed can be conducted in English, German, or Filipino (Tagalog).

Intercultural Competence Workshop

German Culture

This workshop is designed to provide non-Germans with a comprehensive understanding of German cultural norms. Participants will learn about cultural values and typical workplace behaviors in Germany and how to operate effectively within a German-speaking environment. The course also covers the significance of formal and informal protocols and business communication strategies.

Filipino Culture

Specifically designed for professionals engaging with the Philippines on business, this workshop offers insights into Filipino work culture and social etiquette, emphasizing the importance of respect and courtesy in business and social interactions. Participants will also explore deep-seated values and beliefs that define Filipino culture and identity, aiding in the development of effective and respectful relationships with Filipino partners and colleagues.


This workshop provides an introduction to key intercultural skills necessary for global success. Participants will learn to understand cultural differences in communication and negotiation styles and how to develop adaptability across various international contexts. The course emphasizes the development of cultural empathy and the ability to work effectively in a multicultural team.

Our trainer is a qualified intercultural trainer and a member of SIETAR (Society for Intercultural Education, Training, and Research), ensuring they are continually abreast of the latest developments in the intercultural field.

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