Going Beyond Language

Let us show you how you can go beyond language so that you are not just talking to and over each other but finally effectively communicating. Because effective communication is the key to every successful personal or business relationship.

CV and Interview Clinic for Professionals

Let us help you streamline your CV and interview technique. This is particularly effective for those who are changing jobs after many years, moving to an international firm or simply want to know how their language skills would react under pressure. We use the latest interview questions and techniques, role play, media and 180 ° feedback to get you on the next rung of the career ladder.

Presentation Clinic - Pitch Perfect

The ability to present with confidence, clarity and impact is a critical professional skill for everyone in today’s challenging business environment. This intensive one-day workshop is as close as you can get to having a public speaking coach. The groups are kept intentionally small to allow for maximum feedback and engagement. We aim that our students present a minimum of 4 times over the course of the workshop and students are videotaped and recorded.

Fierce Conversations

Conversations are the foundations of all our relationships, be they personal or business. They determine if and how we can succeed and move forward. As Susan Scott, the author of “Fierce Conversations” put it: “Our work, our relationships, and our lives succeed or fail one conversation at a time.”

So how can you “come out from behind yourself into the conversation and make it real”? As a certified “Fierce” conversations training provider, we can show you how to put these principles to work and have those conversations that really matter.

Intercultural Competence

Working in an increasingly interconnected world, intercultural skills are now no longer just an add-on, but have become embedded in how we lead, work and collaborate. Our workshops can help you and your team navigate potential pitfalls by giving you an inside look at the underlying dimensions defining culture and providing you with the tools needed to resolve conflict and misunderstanding.

Whether you are dealing with Filipinos working in the maritime industry or engaging in offshore outsourcing in India, our certified intercultural competence trainers can tailor to your specific needs and provide you with the assistance you need to cultivate rewarding and enduring international relationships.

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