Um ein effektives Englisch-Training zu gestalten, werden Ihre Vorkenntnisse online eingestuft. Die Einstufung besteht aus Multiple-Choice-Fragen und zwei Fragen, die Sie mit Ihren eigenen Worten beantworten sollen.

Bitte nehmen Sie hierfür 45 bis 90 Minuten Zeit und absolvieren Sie ihn ohne Hilfsmittel wie Wörterbücher, Grammatikbücher oder Internetsuchmaschinen. Nur so ist eine sinnvolle und realistische Einschätzung möglich.


In order to provide you with the English training that you need, please complete the online level assessment which would take 45 to 90 minutes. The assessment consists of multiple choice questions plus two questions to be answered in your own words.

Please do not use any outside help like dictionaries, grammar reference books or the internet. Only then can we effectively and realistically assess your level of proficiency.


1.) _______________ a cup of coffee?

2.) She _______________ her emails every day.

3.) _______________ ? I’m fine, thank you.

4.) We had _______________ problems with the new IT system.

6.) We are having the meeting _______________ Friday next week.

7.) There _______________ six people in our department.

8.) He _______________ never worked outside Germany.

9.) _______________ he based in Munich?

10.) He is currently away on a business trip, _______________?

11.) They _______________ the conference in Paris on April 26.

12.) The purchasing department _______________ with the suppliers.

13.) You _______________ hand in the report today. You have until tomorrow.

14.) If you _______________ now, we will give you a discount of 4%.

15.) I _______________ the report yet.

16.) Jonathan _______________ the client last week.

17.) Sarah _______________ me to call the client.

18.) We _______________ under a lot of stress at the moment.

19.) If I _______________ a million dollars, I'd retire immediately.

20.) The person _______________ placed the order is on the phone.

21.) There was _______________ a long queue that we decided to go home.

22.) Could you tell me _______________?

23.) He's not in right now, but _______________ him to call you back the moment he comes in.

24.) That was the best workshop _______________ I've ever attended!

25.) Acme International has just established _______________ in the Asian-Pacific Region.

26.) By the time she arrived, everyone _______________.

27.) I was a bit disappointed _______________ his last movie.

28.) David refused _______________ the contract.

29.) The delegation is now _______________ Hawaii.

30.) _______________ she was only 18, she had already patented more than 25 inventions.

31.) _______________, lobbyists are just glorified salesmen.

32.) I can't find the monthly report. I _______________ it on the subway!

33.) Governments all over the world need to _______________ the reality of climate change.

34.) The plans were _______________ that none of the lower-level managers knew about them.

35.) You _______________ keep an eye on the exchange rate.

Write something about your past and your present. (40 - 80 words)

What are some of your plans for the future? (30 - 60 words)

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